Feb 26, 2021

Blockchain: Beyond The Hype

Feb 26, 2021

Wednesday, February 24, 2021— Communications and market research firm Canadian Ecosystem Institute (CEI) recently hosted a live event on the future of blockchain technology, inviting industry heavyweights to discuss and debate current trends and opportunities. Co-sponsoring organizations included Stratos, West Coast Opportunity Accelerator (WCOA) and MBD Labs.

Over 130 participants attended as moderator Catherine Clark guided a discussion with industry professionals from Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong, surrounding the future application and uses of blockchain technology across multiple sectors.

Special guest speakers included Geoff Costeloe, Lawyer & Cryptocurrency Expert, and Rich Napoli, CEO of ObjectFrontier. Panelists included Ciara Sun, Vice President of Global Business/Markets, Huobi Group, Bin Zhu, Founder of Stratos Network, Guillaume Déziel, Digital Marketer CBC, TVA, Bell Mobility, and Kaiwen Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Software and IT Engineering at ÉTS Montréal.

Guest panelist Kaiwen Zhang commented on the increasing demand for students to have educational backgrounds in blockchain technology. Mr. Zhang encouraged Canadian universities to improve current levels of blockchain education by actively teaching students more about the future impacts of the hype technology. 

The webinar proved to be a successful event and helped to advance contemporary discussions with regard to blockchain technology. It offered important insights by industry leaders on how block-chain is developing rapidly as a mainstream business technology and demonstrated that the applications for blockchain extend far beyond bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. 

“Here at CEI, our team was very excited to bring together so many blockchain industry heavyweights at one venue to discuss the trends and future opportunities of blockchain. We look forward to continuing to explore this industry moving forward” – Chris Pereira, President & CEO of Canadian Ecosystem Institute

“Blockchain is really a topic that generates a whole lot of interest and sometimes a little confusion- sometimes a lot of confusion, but it always leads to dynamic conversations.” – Catherine Clark, Co-Founder of The Honest Talk, President of Catherine Clark Communications

“Blockchain started back in 2009 as the underlying technology for bitcoin and bitcoin is of course all over the news these days as it continues to rise. While blockchain is often associated with bitcoin and all of the cryptocurrencies, it is so much more than that.” – Rich Napoli, CEO of ObjectFrontier

“As bitcoin, blockchain, decentralized finance, all of these kinds of exciting developments become more accepted and more standard, opportunities have increased for non-technical people. So, if you’re an accountant, or working in supply chain management, whatever it may be there are now more and more opportunities to find ways to use these technologies and bring them into your business” – Geoff Costeloe, Lawyer & Cryptocurrency Expert

“The idea and algorithm of blockchain can be applied to a lot of different industries such as supply chain or even the current Covid-19 pandemic. We also can help the supply chain for the hospital and for patients. There are so many uses we can discuss.” – Bin Zhu, Founder of Stratos Network

“Something that is very disturbing right now is that we print a lot of money out of thin air in our traditional economy, but that is something which does not exist in bitcoin. The paradox is that we have bitcoin which consumes a lot of energy but on the other end we have an economy right now that is based on growth and that growth cannot stop at any point, we have to keep growing on and on. So, the current way is not good for the environment as well.” – Guillaume Déziel, Digital Marketer CBC, TVA, Bell Mobility

“We are already seeing cases of crypto and blockchain technologies being used for charities. At Huobi, we have charities, so we use technology to keep charity work accountable and transparent and we also use cryptocurrency to make money more accessible across the boarders globally.” – Ciara Sun, Vice President of Global Business/Markets, Huobi Group

“LinkedIn did a survey last year where they ranked the number one hard-skill which was found to be blockchain. It was above artificial intelligence and machinery meaning blockchain is number one. Clearly, there is a demand for our students to be trained in blockchain technology and smart-contract programming or simply just deploying the infrastructure in the systems.” – Kaiwen Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Software and IT Engineering at ÉTS Montréal

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